My next quest: an open source alternative to Evernote

I have always attempted, and mostly failed, to keep all my notes organized.  The approach morphed over time and I eventually landed on Evernote.  However, for numerous reasons, I decided to move away from Evernote and the journey began to find an open source alternative.  I recently stumbled upon Joplin, but this project introduced it’s own challenges too.  This post will discuss a lot of the background and theory and capture some of my dizzying thought process.
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Install Plex Unsupported AppStore on Ubuntu

I’ve been using a Home Theater Personal Computer for quite a while now.  It is in a hopeless plight to remove my (and my wife’s) dependence on the heartless cable companies.  To this day we still have a cable bill which is the costliest of our monthly bills, but I continue to fight the good fight.  I was excited to read about SlingTV for streaming sports, but was too choppy to provide a good experience.  There are a lot of factors which could have effected this and I will probably revisit that solution in the future.  But recently I’ve read about a way to watch “live” TV streaming through my existing media server. Keep reading →