I have a tendency to over-analyze everything.  In fact, I considered naming a blog accordingly but realized that it might send the wrong message if the word “anal” is anywhere in the name or URL.  But rest assured that I’ve read a lot about starting a blog.  You’re supposed to pick a niche.  It should be focused on a topic that I care about and will be able to write about.  But I just can’t zero in on any one topic.  Here are some things I care about and could write about…you’ll see that they’re not very connected:

  • Technology:  I’m constantly attempting to make things better, but usually making them more difficult too (I try to take notes all the time so even a place to keep my experiences for myself would be nice)
  • House:  I’ve embarked on a turbulent journey of home ownership and I can certainly share some stories here
  • Yard:  The yard is a huge time consumer and I spend a lot of the time that I’m working in the yard thinking of things I could write about
  • Beer:  I love beer and actually started (and stopped) a blog called hopinionated.com but couldn’t really figure out what it should be about
  • Money:  I want to retire early.  Soon, actually.  But I know I need to make some disciplined decisions first…
  • Writing:  Secretly I want to be a writer

So I’m all over the place.  I don’t know where this is going.  But I do know that I need to get started.  So instead of paralyzing myself trying to determine what direction to go, I’ve decided this attempt at a blog will be generic:  ilearnedthisthehardway

That sort of conveys that I fail a lot and learn in the process.  Hopefully if I can capture it in a blog, I won’t have to learn it again.  Let’s see where this goes.  Maybe if I can just get started I will find that one part gets more attention than others.  Or that I really don’t care about some things like I thought I did.  Or maybe that I care about something, but it doesn’t make a good topic to write about.  This is going to be a huge work in progress.  Stay tuned…

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