Close (lawn) shave

In nothing more than an attempt to be lazy, I decided to cut the back and side yard grass with the lowest wheel-height setting for my lawn mower.  It turns out that that is not as ingenious as I originally thought.


I typically use the second to the lowest wheel-height setting when mowing the grass in my back and side yards.  That is because it is more dirt and moss than it is grass, unlike the dirt/moss combination up by the street which has some Fescue sections sprinkled in.  I obviously don’t know anything about cutting grass and lawn maintenance, but someone told me that Fescue looks better a little longer, so I don’t cut that as closely.  But all that ever grows in the other sections of the yard are moss, sparse weeds, and piddly stuff that is easy to overlook.  So I often attempt to cut the grass out by the road twice before cutting these smaller, sparser sections.

Close shave

So today, thinking that I could solidly extend the time between mows, I thought it was a good idea to use the absolute lowest wheel-height setting.  To a human of average intelligence, it would have been obvious this was a bad idea as soon as they had to quickly lift the mower deck when it suffocatingly threatened to turn off.  Initially I thought it was just to let the clippings escape because this thing is REALLY close to the ground now.  As it turns out that was certainly part of it, but the other part of it is that the blades were actually hitting the ground at uneven sections.  And as I struggled through the first “line” I realized there was no going back.  I had to mow the rest of the yard at this height or it would be quite obvious that I had messed up.  So I pushed on (no pun intended).  Let’s just say that if the “grass” in my yard were the hair of the earth’s head and I was shaving it…I would have seen the earth’s brain.  It turns out I basically clear cut the very little grass I had.


  • Don’t use the mower’s lowest wheel-height setting.  That must be just for mowing concrete or something (which is another story altogether…)

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