First mow [2016]

Well, I took the lawn mower out for a spin yesterday evening.  As you may know, I’m not used to having a yard to take care of.  It was the first mow of the 2016 season and I re-learned a few things I forgot from last season…

I was a little concerned because I did not “winterize” the Honda mower that I had been using last season.  At the end of the season I was having a hard time starting it.  I skipped winterizing it on purpose realizing that I need to take the time to properly maintain it.  I have watched numerous videos on how to troubleshoot and clean a Honda mower and I owe it to both my used Honda’s to spend some time with them.

But screw that, I had patches of grass growing in the ditch and the front yard was looking pretty rough overall so I (predictably) forwent the deserved cleaning and just forcibly started the sucker.  I figured I’d just yank that string as long and as hard as it took to get it going.  On a whim I picked up some Starting Fluid with my typical amount of pessimism and overall distrust of marketing and products everything.  I didn’t even know where to spray this stuff.  I unscrewed some screws and just sprayed it randomly and BINGO BANGO that thing started right up on the first (post-spray) pull.  I am amazed at this stuff.  I had attempted to get it going prior to spraying with no semblance of that motor ever working again.  Wow!

I sort of thought that I’d get to spend the afternoon wrestling with the lawn mower and trying to get it to start.  Instead, I used some magic spray stuff and now I realized I had to actually mow the grass.  Bummer.  I figured I might spend an entire afternoon cleaning up the yard; I haven’t touched it over the winter so it is covered in sticks/limbs, pine cones, clumps of leaves that have accumulated in the ditch sort of creating their own compost heaps/ecosystems, and other crap.  Now that I knew that I could start the mower I figured I’d just get the big stuff out of the way and mulch/mow over everything else.

That led me to the realization that the mulching blade and mulching setting of my lawn mower does not mean what I want it to mean.  I very literally just ran over everything.  I wanted it to disappear.  And while the effect was probably what is desired by most (chopping that crap up to tiny pieces) it did not disappear like I had wanted.  So I sort of just made the mess of the yard a little more spread out in somewhat smaller pieces of the same mess.  Next time I think I need to spend a little more energy cleaning up the yard more appropriately before mowing.


  • I need a new air filter for my mower
  • Starting Fluid is AWESOME
  • I still need to properly maintain my yard equipment
  • The yard is a nightmare; the sections that are supposed to be grass are either moss or dirt with weeds poking through.  And I hate it




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