I’ll be there

I am hugely disappointed in how quickly I fell off the schedule I set for myself about writing regularly.  And I don’t even have anything new and exciting to post, so I’m cheating and posting something I wrote many years ago.  This came from a time when I was getting started at Raytheon in Virginia.  I’m not sure why I ever wrote this down, but maybe you’ll enjoy it. Keep reading →

Check for Plex before rebooting

I previously wrote a rudimentary script and post where I wanted to reboot my htpc if I was unable to access the internet.  That has been working fine and rebooted the system more than a few times.  But I’ve learned that I don’t necessarily want to reboot if I’m using the system inside my network.  Like if Plex is actively serving content, don’t reboot. Keep reading →

The ringer

I found that this little snippet was backed up at some time or another.  I wrote it quite a while ago.  I called it a snippet because it is not really a story or a short story or much more than a musing (see what I did there, that’s some unintentional genius-type stuff).  I found three of these documents that I obviously thought were funny and that I enjoyed writing.  Maybe this is the place for them (and maybe not), but I’ll probably post two of them. Keep reading →

Check VPN connectivity

Ultimately I am trying to figure out why my Ubuntu server routinely craps out and is unable to reach the outside world. I find that if I restart the system, networking comes back up ok…at least for a while. This is an first crack at a rudimentary script to reboot it if unable to connect (or if the VPN isn’t working). Keep reading →

Personal Capital – first(ish) impression

In my quest to retire early I’ve stumbled upon a lot of good Personal Finance information online. My latest obsession is with J$ and Paula P’s M.O.N.E.Y. podcast. It has led me to J$’s budgetsaresexy blog wherein he preaches the importance of knowing and tracking your net worth. His site mentions a few of the free online tools that can provide this sort of information but it looks like Personal Capital is held in a little higher regard so I thought I’d give it a shot. Keep reading →