Mailing list

Mailing list

I’ve heard repeatedly by popular and wildly successful bloggers that they’re either very grateful that they started establishing their subscribers early or how disgusted they are that they didn’t get their mailing list growing earlier. I don’t really have any idea how I’ll ever use one but perhaps that’s just part of the learning process. All the same, I’m going to attempt to get a mail/subscriber list going. Keep reading →

I’ll be there

I am hugely disappointed in how quickly I fell off the schedule I set for myself about writing regularly.  And I don’t even have anything new and exciting to post, so I’m cheating and posting something I wrote many years ago.  This came from a time when I was getting started at Raytheon in Virginia.  I’m not sure why I ever wrote this down, but maybe you’ll enjoy it. Keep reading →

Check for Plex before rebooting

I previously wrote a rudimentary script and post where I wanted to reboot my htpc if I was unable to access the internet.  That has been working fine and rebooted the system more than a few times.  But I’ve learned that I don’t necessarily want to reboot if I’m using the system inside my network.  Like if Plex is actively serving content, don’t reboot. Keep reading →

The ringer

I found that this little snippet was backed up at some time or another.  I wrote it quite a while ago.  I called it a snippet because it is not really a story or a short story or much more than a musing (see what I did there, that’s some unintentional genius-type stuff).  I found three of these documents that I obviously thought were funny and that I enjoyed writing.  Maybe this is the place for them (and maybe not), but I’ll probably post two of them. Keep reading →

Check VPN connectivity

Ultimately I am trying to figure out why my Ubuntu server routinely craps out and is unable to reach the outside world. I find that if I restart the system, networking comes back up ok…at least for a while. This is an first crack at a rudimentary script to reboot it if unable to connect (or if the VPN isn’t working). Keep reading →