Install Plex Unsupported AppStore on Ubuntu

I’ve been using a Home Theater Personal Computer for quite a while now.  It is in a hopeless plight to remove my (and my wife’s) dependence on the heartless cable companies.  To this day we still have a cable bill which is the costliest of our monthly bills, but I continue to fight the good fight.  I was excited to read about SlingTV for streaming sports, but was too choppy to provide a good experience.  There are a lot of factors which could have effected this and I will probably revisit that solution in the future.  But recently I’ve read about a way to watch “live” TV streaming through my existing media server. Keep reading →

Check for Plex before rebooting

I previously wrote a rudimentary script and post where I wanted to reboot my htpc if I was unable to access the internet.  That has been working fine and rebooted the system more than a few times.  But I’ve learned that I don’t necessarily want to reboot if I’m using the system inside my network.  Like if Plex is actively serving content, don’t reboot. Keep reading →

Check VPN connectivity

Ultimately I am trying to figure out why my Ubuntu server routinely craps out and is unable to reach the outside world. I find that if I restart the system, networking comes back up ok…at least for a while. This is an first crack at a rudimentary script to reboot it if unable to connect (or if the VPN isn’t working). Keep reading →

Sync + Docker

Sync + Docker
The “Scan into Evernote” [– insert link here –] solution I came up with utilizes BitTorrent Sync.  Having just wiped and reinstalled my laptop provides me the opportunity to redo that and I have decided to use it as an opportunity to explore Docker and containers.  I will create a docker container with an older version of BitTorrent Sync (from now on referred to as “Sync” in this page) on a Ubuntu VM so that I can easily move it to my htpc after I’ve proven this method. Keep reading →