The Great Destroyer

There is a section of our backyard that was obviously used as a garden at one point.  It is sort of hidden from view from the house and patio, but cleaning it up is something I’ve been meaning to do.  I don’t know what got into me today, but I went for it.

How there was ever enough sunlight for a garden back there is amazing.  But I’ve said it before; I’ve let the yard go and so maybe before the trees were enormous and forest canopy so thick, maybe there really was enough sun hitting that section of the yard.  There are two sort of raised and fenced in areas.

Since it is still mildly cold out, I went at it with reckless abandon.  Hopefully there won’t be any snakes.  Should be less bugs.  Maybe I won’t get poison ivy.  Perhaps it won’t matter that all this metal is rusty and I don’t know where I stand with tetanus shot status.  So without regard to logic or the items listed above, I started destroying this setup.  It didn’t have a chance.  I am good at destruction.

Now, had I been tasked with putting together a fence and garden, that would have taken me forever.  After I got over the initial lack of motivation, it would have taken me a few days (at least) to draw it out and make a plan and generally over analyze it.  But destroying it, boy, that only took a matter of minutes.  OK, maybe an hour.

The title of this post is in reference to my favorite Nine Inch Nails song, nay, my favorite song of all time, named The Great Destroyer which you should buy and listen to repeatedly.  This song was playing in my head the entire time I was working in the yard.  Trent Reznor may have written this song just for or about me.  That’s speculation.


  • I have no idea what role slugs play on this earth.  They are disgusting in general and serve not purpose as far as I am aware.  And I learned that accidentally smooshing one on your phone is more than just gross.  It leaves a sticky/slimy spot that is only removable with soap and water.


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