The yard

When we were looking at houses, we really wanted a big yard for no real good reason. Now I don’t. I don’t want a yard at all. Maybe just a paved yard? 

BACKGROUND: This is my first yard.  I have bitten off more than I can chew.  The property is 0.91 acres of what has been growing wild for some time now.  This is due to my own neglect, but also due to the previous owners growing incapable of keeping up thanks to father time.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

The yard really has some great potential and I am 100% positive that it was incredible at one time.  It is very clear that the previous owners took enormous pride in the yard.  We find evidence of that everywhere, not the least of which are name tags for some of the more obscure plants.  There is also a small pond and apparently certifiable as  an Official Backyard Wildlife Habitat site (for whatever that is worth).

Current state:  the best term for the yard currently is “overgrown.”  But here are a few highlights:

  • there are oak trees that must be 100 years old and are definitely 100 feet tall
  • the few sections where grass is supposed to be are really sparse and more dirt/mud and moss than grass
  • leaves have been accumulating for decades so the “natural areas” are a few feet deep with decaying leaves
  • there is poison ivy out there

I really hope to return it to its former glory, but it will not be easy.

For a little perspective of how overwhelming this aspect of home ownership is; I almost titled this whole blog “myfirstyard” or “shitIfoundintheyard”

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